PEMF Therapy

Sales Partner & Consultant

Want to recommend our products?

You want to become a sales partner? We are alsways looking for motivated sales partners for our worldwide industry. Join our team and profit from our compensation plan - a innovative, comprehensive and fair remuneration concept in the entire direct selling industry. It guarantees a variety of different income opportunities.

You do not have to proof any training in the healthcare industry. We are just looking for motivated and convinced sales partners. You have to pay a administration fee per year and you need to buy one of our products for registrations - that's all! We will provide online training and you will recieve a certificate after you have passed the online training successfully.
If you decide to join our team, we do not have any minimum sales requirement and no monthly costs. We will provide you a personalized homepage and predefined forms. Also you will profit from our logistic departments, so you do not have to ship the Devices by your own to your customers. Also you will recieve your monthly commission statement and much more infromation within your personalized backoffice-account.
The registration costs depends on wheather you decide to become a Lifestyle Consultant or a Certified Lifestyle Consultant. For pricing please contact us - we will provide you additional information.
If you register as a Lifestyle Consultant you exclusively want to recommend our main products from the anti-aging and skincare range (no iMRS Devices). Otherwise you have the option to register as a certified Lifestyle Consultant. In this case, you can recommend the iMRS Products as well as the anti-aging and skincare products. To become a certified sales partner, you have to order at least one main product from the iMRS Series.
We will provide you predesigned forms, medical support, a personalized homepage and a personalized back-office. Of course you can also take part at our local events and you will stay informed about new developments and technologies.
No committed funds: If you generate an order, we will ship directly from our worldwide logistic departments. You do not have to store the devices at your home or ship by your own.

Want to join us?

We reward hard work an commitment of each partner with above and beyond average remunerations and through our unique business concept we offer a long-term, proven and successful basis for an independent, individual and highly successful future. Want to join us? Contact us now - we will provide you all required documents.