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Specials & Promotion

  1. Activate All Senses Combo


    Order an iMRS Complete from January 1st until February 28 and you will get a FREE upgrade to an iMRS Professional incl. iGUIDE and on top a FREE iSLRS brain wave entrainment system.

    Overall saving USD 1439.00

    Available until February, 28.
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  2. Double-Upgrade Promo

    Until the end of the Year 2013 we offer the great Double Upgrade Promotion. With every order of an iMRS wellfit/iMRS wellfit SET your order will be automatically upgraded to an iMRS complete/iMRS complete SET. Every order of an iMRS complete or iMRS complete SET we will upgrade to an iMRS professional/iMRS Professional SET for FREE.

    Up to $900.00 saving

    Available until December, 31.
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  3. Halloween Promotion

    PEMF24 Halloween Promotion

    Until Halloween you will get on top of the iMRS Pick-Your-Favourite Deal a FREE iMRS Travel Bag. So choose a iMRS wellfit, iMRS complete or iMRS professional and get either a FREE iSLRS or a FREE iMORE and a FREE iMRS Travel Bag. Only until Halloween!

    Up to $663.00 saving

    Available until Halloween
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  4. Pick your favourite Package

    iMRS Pick your favourite Promotion

    During the period Sep 1st and Oct 31st 2013 we offer for every iMRS wellfit, iMRS complete or iMRS professional either a FREE iSLRS ($599 saving) or a FREE iMORE ($608 saving). It is your choice!

    Up to $608.00 saving

    Available until October 31th, 2013
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  5. Documentary

    We are proud to present our 30 minutes documentary of our company, the iMRS and PEMF in the media and reach out to 22 million people all over the world. The documentary will be aired over BBC, SKY and freesat worldwide.

    Tuesday 10th September @ 7.30pm UK time Tuesday 10th September @ 2:30pm US/CAD ET Tuesday 10th September @ 2:30am HKT Asia
  6. Summer-Set-Promotion

    iMRS Summer Promotion

    With every order of an iMRS Professional we will deliver an iSLRS as well as an iMORE 2.0 system FOR FREE.

    $879.00 saving

    Available until August 31th, 2013
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  7. Super-Saver-Promotion

    iMRS Super Saver Promotion

    Every client who orders an iMRS wellfit or an iMRS professional SET incl. iSLRS and iMORE will get it at a reduced price.

    Saving up to $592.00

    Available until June 30th, 2013
  8. Spring Promotion

    With every order of an iMRS wellfit, iMRS complete or iMRS professional we deliver a FREE iSLRS Sound-Light Relaxing System as well as a FREE Kiseki Matcha Chado SET including all accessories and a FREE book "Kiseki Matcha - The Green Wounder"

    $747.95 saving

    Available until April 30th, 2013
  9. Spring Harvest

    Kiseki Matcha Chado and Kiseki Matcha Prime

    Order either a Kiseki Matcha Chado or Kiseki Matcha Prime SET and you will receive two additional 30g tins of the same quality FREE OF CHARGE! In addition we will also add a FREE printed version of our full-color book "Kiseki Matcha - The Green Wonder" with all the history, manufacturing information and the brief instructions, how to create and drink the perfect Kiseki Matcha"

    Saving up to $138.00

    Available until February 28th, 2013