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iMRS Professional

iMRS Professional Features

PEMF therapy devices

The iMRS Professional is made for advanced home users and professional users. The integrated iGUIDE provides recommended settings for a various number of complaints. Optionally it is also available in the iMRS Professional SET-Version including the iSLRS and iMORE 2.0 System.

PEMF Therapy - iMRS Professional

What you will get

  • imrs pemf mat
  • pemf mat
  • imrs pad applicator
  • imrs probe applicator
  • iGUIDE for iMRS Professional
  • Power Plug
  • 3 Years unconditional warranty
  • iMRS Professional control unit

    Control unit with 3 available language settings (English, German, French), crystal clear blue LCD digital display, easy touch buttons, manual time settings between 1-60 minutes, integrated biorhytm organ clock, 3 sockets for all 3 applicators, connections for optional accessories (iSLRS and iMORE), SD card for iMRS Professional, 3 memory buttons for personal settings for up to 3 users, Weight: 671 g

  • iMRS whole body applicator

    iMRS whole body applicator with 6 integrated copper coils (sawtooth wave form), new materials and easy foldable, washable. New: longer and more flexible cable, cable lenght: 7.77 ft. (2,37 m), Size: 68 x 23 x 1.5 inch (173 x 59 x 3,8 cm)

  • iMRS pillow applicator

    iMRS pillow applicator with a unifromly wound copper coil pair (NASA proven square wave), new materials, washable, cable lenght: 7.77 ft. (2,36 m), Size: 19 x 11 x 1.5 inch (49 x 28 x 3,8 cm)

  • iMRS probe applicator

    iMRS probe applicator made of anodized stell, intensity up to 300 microtesla, cable length: 8.5 ft. (2,6 m), Size: 0.75 x 4.8 inch (1,9 x 12,3 cm)

  • iGUIDE database

    iGUIDE databse of 250 different pre-programmed conditions for all organ clock settings and all applicators

  • iMRS Power Plug

    International power plug for the iGUIDE, cable lenght: 6 ft. (1,83 m)

  • iMRS User Manual

    iMRS user manual with step-by-step instruction for the first use, technical species and helpful advice. Also we provide our personal service throughout the whole service life of the system.

  • 3 Years unconditional Warranty

    We grant a full 3 years guarantee on the iMRS Professional, as well as for the optional accessories.

iMRS Professional Set

You are looking for a integrated wellness system? Here you will get the iMRS Professional SET. The iMRS Professional SET includes all features of the iMRS Professional. In addition you will receive the following components:

What you will get

  • iMORE Monitoring and Regulation System
  • iSLRS Sound-Light Relaxing System
  • iSLRS

    iSLRS is the abbriviation for integrated Sound-Light Relaxation System. The iSLRS system includes googles for visual stimulation (red, blue and green LED's with dimmer switch), Headphones with comfortable around-the-ear design, SD-Card with 45 minutes anticipated music, built-in music player, fully synchronized with the iMRS whole body mat application and a user manual for the iSLRS.

  • iMORE

    iMORE means interactive Monitoring and Regulation System. Now it is available in the second version iMORE 2.0. The iMORE System contains the iMORE SD-Card Upgrade, the iMORE ear clip, exclusive iMORE softcase and user manual.

Technical Speces

iMRS Professional
Frequency: 0.5 - 25 Hz
Intensity: sensitive - 400 (8 steps)
Graduated Intensity: Yes, weakest field at the head
Biorhytm clock: 15 Hz - 7.5 Hz - 3 Hz - 5 Hz
Polarity: Switches every two minutes
Waveform: Sawtooth and Squarewave
Warranty: 3 Years unconditional
Pricing: Please contact us
Shipping costs: Free within the EU, U.S. and Canada

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