iMRS Accessories

iMRS Accessories

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iMRS 2000

Do you already have an iMRS? Are you going to purchase one? Of course we sell all parts of the iMRS Devices seperately. In addition we provide minor accessories which are not included in any of the iMRS packages. We provide the following optional accessories:

  • iMRS travel applicator
  • iMRS travel bag
  • iMRS Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • iMRS SD Card upgrades
  • iMRS adapter

iMRS Accessories

iMRS travel applicator

The travel mat is a small 1 foot by 2 foot pad that uses the same signal as the full body mat (sawtooth), but is travel friendly. Besides being smaller and much more travel friendly (it easily fits for small luggage for traveling); It is also very useful for using on chairs, couches and in the car without the need to bend or fold it.
Size: 11.8 x 23.6 Inches

iMRS travel applicator

The new setup for easy travel, two bags in one, Control unit, power plug, probe applicator and accessories can be stored in a little attachable bag. Bigger bag for whole body mat and pillow.
Color: coal/silver

iMRS travel bag
iMRS travel bag

iMRS lithium ion battery pack

You want to take your iMRS Device on trips with you? Even if you do not have any powerconnection you would be able to use the iMRS in combination with the high End battery power - 8 hours of independent use with your iMRS. The Lithium Ion Battery Pack is also compatible with the iMRS Fauna.

iMRS Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Power Plug Input: 100-240 V / 50-60HZ / 700mA
Output: 18V / 1.66A
Certified: CE, EN/EC, UL Class 2

iMRS power plug adapter
iMRS power plug

Not found what you are looking for?

You are looking for other parts of the iMRS System? No problem! We also sell all parts of any iMRS Device seperately. Please let us know which components you need - we would send you an offer immediately. Also we provide warranty extension on 4 and 5 years.

iMRS Certificates