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Kiseki Matcha

Kiseki Matcha Prime

Kiseki Matcha Bio Prime

The Kiseki Matcha Bio Prime is a selection of the very best, youngest organically cultivated tea leaves of the first harvest. The color is saturated luminous jade-green. In Comparison to the Kiseki Matcha Chado it does not contain traces of yellow.

Kiseki Matcha Bio Prime

What you will get

Kiseki Matcha the green wonder

Kiseki Matcha Organic Prime is stored in a air-thight, recloseable aluminium can. It maintains the particular flavour of the Kiseki Matcha Prime and preserves the valuable integredients.

  • 100% organic matcha green tea powder
  • 30 g Kiseki Matcha Prime

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Kiseki Matcha Organic Prime is also kown as the jewel among all the Matcha teas available worldwide. You want to buy some? Save money by ordering the package of 3 bins. Please contact us for pricing.

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