Premium Matcha - 100% organic

Kiseki Matcha

Kiseki Matcha Chado

The Kiseki Matcha Bio Chado is also called premium ceremony grade Matcha. It is also the preferred choice for a Chanoyu (Traditional Japanese tea ceremony). Kiseki Matcha Chado has a light arabic-sweet flavour. It could be prepared thinner, as a so called usu cha, or somewhat thicker as a koi cha.

Kiseki Matcha Bio Chado

What you will get

Kiseki Matcha the green wonder

Kiseki Matcha Organic Chado is stored in a air-thight, recloseable aluminium can. It maintains the particular flavour of the Kiseki Matcha Chado and preserves the valuable integredients.

  • 100% organic matcha green tea powder
  • 30 g Kiseki Matcha Chado

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Kiseki Matcha Organic Chado is a selected and so-called "ceremony grade" Matcha. You want to buy some? Save money by ordering the package of 3 bins. Wheaher you are looking for a gift - we also have the Kiseki Matcha Chado starter kit available with all traditional accessories . Please contact us for pricing.

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