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Kiseki Matcha

Kiseki Matcha the green wonder

Premium Matcha, such as 100% organic Kiseki Matcha is cultivated, preselected and manufactured in accordance with the most rigorous specifications and guidelines. After 7 years of care, the first harvest will be approved for sale. Subsequently only the two first, most tender leaves from the tip downward are exclusively hand picked and immediately sorted seperately for the Kiseki Matcha Chado Prime.

The Green Wonder

Kiseki Matcha Tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu and practised over centuries. Not only a symbol for art and culture - it takes a long time to prepare tea in its purest and most perfect way. The Japanese drink the Matcha from the hand crafted tea bowls, so called Chawan.

Tea ceremony

Depending on climate, cultivation, harvest and further proessing of the Matcha there are approximately 100 variations in quality. For this reason, there are different in purity, balance, flavor, composition and integredients. Matcha is a so called "shadded tea". When growing Tencha (the basic type that becomes later Matcha), the leaves vecome shadded employing a special process.

Leaves of the Kiseki Matcha Plant
Leaves of the Kiseki Matcha Plant

Grinding Process of Kiseki Matcha

Kiseki Matcha is ground slowly and gently to an fine jade-green powder by granit stone milles to a high quality Kiseki Matcha. To produce 30g of Kiseki Matcha it takes round about one hour. This grinding method ensures that the substances are not destroyed. Finally the powder is screened several times to a particle size of 5 - 15 micrometers. This is one of the crucial factors for the quality categorisation.

Grinding Process

Kiseki Matcha Organic Chado is also called premium ceremony grade Matcha. It is also the preferred choice for a Chanoyu (Traditional Japanese tea ceremony). Kiseki Matcha Chado has a light arabic-sweet flavour. It could be prepared thinner, as a so called usu cha, or somewhat thicker as a koi cha.

Kiseki Matcha Chado

The Kiseki Matcha Organic Prime is a selection of the very best, youngest organically cultivated tea leaves of the first harvest. The color is saturated luminous jade-green. In Comparison to the Kiseki Matcha Chado it does not contain traces of yellow.

Kiseki Matcha Prime

If you are going to enjoy the green wonder occassionally, you shoud not miss some accessories like the bamboo wisk (available with 80 and 120 Prongs), the Chawan (Matcha Bowl) and the bamboo teaspoon. Creating the Kiseki Matcha on the traditional way.

Kiseki Matcha Accessories
Kiseki Matcha Accessories

ORAC Values

ORAC (=Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity) units per gramm (µmoleTE/g)

Kiseki Matcha

1573 µmoleTE/g

Goji Berry

253 µmoleTE/g


105 µmoleTE/g

Wild Blueberry

93 µmoleTE/g

Acai Berry

60 µmoleTE/g


31 µmoleTE/g

Source: Lipophilic and Hydrophylic Antioxidant Capacities of Common Foods in the USA, Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry 2004, 52, 4026-4037

Kiseki Matcha Certificates