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iMRS Fauna

PEMF Therapy for Animals

Magnetic-resonance-stimulation could also be used for horses and other animals. In contrast to people, animals do not fall victim to the so-called "placebo-effect". Animals act unbiased an instinctively. The completly new developed iMRS Fauna is the successor of the world-famous Enerpuls system. It has been engineered and designed completely new. Practicability and compatibility are the keywords when looking on the brand new iMRS Fauna system. The iMRS Fauna system includes:

iMRS Fauna Features

PEMF Mat for animals

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Devices has been professionally used in the veterinary field for decades as supporting and accompanying modality with a wide range of health conditions. An additional growing application spectrum is the usage for race and show horses as well as with livestock in the agricultural area.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy for animals

The existing iMRS control unit of the human iMRS Wellness System hereby serves as the basis control unit of the iMRS Fauna System. If you already have the iMRS control unit, we offer a firmware upgrade and a special SD card to enable the respective functions for the new fauna application. Also all of the iMRS Fauna applicators will be available seperately.

iMRS Fauna control unit
iMRS control unit

PEMF area applicator for stable boxing

It's no longer neccessary to apply a whole body applicator on the animal. The completely new designed area applicators provide a practical, gentle, stress free and mulituse application. A simple suspension mechanism allows a two-sided installation of both area applicators within the stables. The animal is automatically and non-intrusively exposed to the applied pulsed electromagnetic field.

iMRS Fauna area applicator for stables

Two leg applicators enable a more specific and local application for the lower extremities of the animals. Easy to handle with the elastic rubber bands with Velcro-clasp. The leg applicator provide the NASA square wave. The adjustable suspension mechanism and very durable and light materials ensure a fast, easy and highly effective use.

iMRS Fauna leg applicator
PEMF leg applicator

iGUIDE with individual pre-programmed settings for animals

Another new feature is the integration of the iGUIDE with 37 recommended and pre-programmed settings for special complaints. The settings are available for all three available applicators (area applicator, leg applicator and optional probe applicator).

iGUIDE for animals

Another new feature is the integrated Biorhytm Organ Clock. According to the Chinese Organ Clock, organs have their peak function at different times within 24 hours. According to the yin-yang principle, also the organs of an animal are divided into two groups; day (yang) and night (yin) organs. Thanks to innovative technology and our latest developments the iMRS uses these biological daily rhythms in all its time settings.

Integrated biorhythm organ clock
Integrated biorhythm organ clock

SkinBag for iMRS Fauna control unit

Furthermore, with every order of a iMRS Fauna System you will receive a iMRS SkinBag. The iMRS SkinBag is a specially designed bag to protect your iMRS control unit. Of course, it will be also available seperately if you are going to use the control unit of your iMRS Wellness System for humans.

SkinBag for iMRS Fauna control unit

The iMRS Probe Applicator is able to convert electrical impulses to the highest average peak intensity compared with the other applicators. The probe applicator has an average output of 300 microTesla, the area and leg applicator an average output of 45 microTesla. The probe could be used for smaller areas of the body with more intense square wave intensity. Recommended settings for the probe applicator are also available within the iGUIDE database.

Optional Accessories: iMRS probe applicator
PEMF probe applicator

Battery pack for iMRS Fauna

As an optional accessories you can order a high End battery power Pack with 8 hours of independant use with your iMRS fauna System. The Charging period of the Lithium Ion Battery Pack is about 2 hours.

Optional accessories: Lithium-Ion battery pack

Technical Speces

iMRS Fauna control unit
Intensity level: 1 - 8 (compatible with sensitive - 400)
iGUIDE: 37 programms for 3 applicators available
Biorhythm organ clock: Yes
Area applicator
Material: Nylon
Color: anthracite coal
Suspension: loops and strings
Dimension: 7.74 ft x 6.89 ft
Weight: 4200 gr
Connection: approximately 16.4 ft cable
Signal structure: Triple saw tooth
Intensity: 0.5 - 70 microT
Leg applicator
Material: Nylon
Color: anthracite coal
Attaching: rubber bands, Velcro-clasp
Dimension: 1.28 x 1.47 ft
Weight: 800 gr
Connection: approx. 13.12 ft cable
Signal structure: Square wave profile
Intensity: 1.0 - 200 microT
Probe applicator
Material: Andorized steel (Applicator)
Color: silver
Dimension: 0.06 x 0.04 ft
Weight: 290 gr
Signal structure: Square wave profile
Intensity: 300 microT

Compatible with iMRS

If you already have a iMRS Wellness System for humans, we have good news for you: The completely new developed iMRS Fauna System is compatible with the existing iMRS control unit. It can be used with a specific SD Card. Please ask for the special iMRS Fauna price without iMRS control unit.