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Do you have further questions regarding the iMRS Wellness System ? You want to find out more about the PEMF Therapy or do you need some advice? We have listed below some frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us, if you have further questions. You are most welcome.

In Europe, USD and Canada we provide the possibility to test the iMRS Devices for four weeks at your home. Please feel free to contact us and ask for a rental agreement. Of course you can also test additional accessories like the iSLRS and the iMORE.
The PEMF Therapy could represent a risk for wearers of pacemakers. Please consult your doctor before.
Shipping for iMRS Devices is free in U.S., Canada and Germany. For other countries please ask for the shipping fee.
Please call us for pricing or contact us via the contact form.
Yes, at PEMF24 monthly deals are available. Click here to see our current offer.
Within the iMRS Professional System the iGUIDE database is available. If you have some special complaints we would be happy to give you some recommendations. Please feel free to contact us.
We provide 3 Years unconditional warranty on the iMRS und MRS2000 Devices.

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If you have a questions about the iMRS Device or iMRS equipment or if we can be of assistance in any way, please feel free to contact us. Or do you want to configurate your own iMRS? You are most welcome.

Skindream Titanium

Below you can find some frequently asked questions regarding the SkinDream® Titanium System. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions. We would be pleased to help you.

SkinDream® Titanium uses a relatively new technology of cosmetic ultrasound. Ultrasound waves at a specific frequency (1 MHz) and a special signal strength (2 levels: 0.5 or 1 W/cm²) are "sounded" into the skin with the help of a special gel as coupling medium.
Titanium is very light, yet very strong metal with excellent vibration characteristics. Also elicits no known rejection responses from the human organism. Titanium has been used in medicine for many decades. The quality of the sonic head and its vibration characteristcs are very important components for successful and effective cosmetic ultrasound treatments.
The SkinDream® Titanium works with continuous ultrasound to produce an even, lasting action during the treatment. It is therefore very important to keep the ultrasound head moving over the skin with very slow, circular movements and without pressing too hard. This avoids a so-called hotspot.
We recommend to spread a walnut-sized portion of Ultrasonic Gel onto the Titanium sonic head and then massage it onto the skin using light, slow and gentle movements. Please take care, that the gel does not try out - in this case use more gel. Too little gel decreases the coupling of the ultrasound. The sonic head sould always glide over the skin without jerking.
This preselects the intensity (amplitude) of the ultrasound. 50% stands for 0.5 W/cm² and 100% stands for 1 W/cm². As a rule, one should always start off at 50% (especially for the face), and should only select 100% if the skin and the underlying connective tissue shows a poor response or if one is generally unsatisfied with the results. When used in the décolleté area or on larger body surfaces, one can begin at 100%.
Divide your facial treatment into four parts: Forehead & eye area, right half of the face, Left half of the face and upper lip, chin & neck area. Begin with a hazelnut-sized portion of Ultrasonic Gel on the forehead for about 2 minutes/120 seconds (Note: the SkinDream® TITANIUM has an in-built timer that starts counting the treatment time in seconds as soon as the handset is switched on). After about 2 minutes/120 seconds, repeat the treatment on the right and left halves of the face and then, again, work the upper lip, chin & neck area for 2 minutes/120 seconds.
The system works on the principle of induction charging. That means, the lithium-ion battery in the handset is charged without direct contact. Once the battery is fully charged, the charging unit in the station receives an impulse and the charging stops. That means the handset can remain in the charging station without any risk, and without excess current draw.
24-months worldwide warranty is provided on the SkinDream® Titanium system.
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Do you have more questions about the SkinDream Titanium, the iMRS Fauna, the Kiseki Matcha or any other product we sell on PEMF24? Please feel free to contact us - you are most welcome.