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  • imrs pemf mat

    iMRS Devices

    Experience the brandnew iMRS Series as a successor of the MRS 2000 System. Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) Devices for home and professional use.

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  • imrs

    iMRS Fauna

    Based on the existing iMRS control unit the completly new iMRS Fauna for animals was launched in May 2013. Easy upgradable and newly designed area- and leg applicators.

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  • imrs 2000

    SkinDream Titanium®

    Skindream Titanium® is a culmination of experience in the field of cosmetic ultrasound made available for home use. Easy handling, safe use and appealing, ergonomic design.

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  • imrs pemft

    Kiseki Matcha

    Organic Kiseki Matcha is now available. High in Antioxidants, rich in L-theanine, 100% organic. Experiece now the Kiseki Matcha Chado or the Kiseki Matcha Prime.

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Welcome to Pemf24

Welcome to our newly redesigned web site. You are looking for a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device? Well, then you have come to the right place! We sell PEMF devices all over the world and offer the brandnew iMRS Series as a successor of the famous MRS 2000 System. The iMRS Wellness System is FDA registered and Quality Made in Germany. It's a culmination of more than 3.5 billion in-home applications worldwide.

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Latest News

Every month we offer a special promotion for one of our products. Until February you will get the Activate All Sense Combo - Order an iMRS Complete until February 28 and you will receive a FREE upgrade to an iMRS Professional and on top a FREE iSLRS Brain Wave Relaxation System. Saving up to USD 1439.00.

Available until February, 28

iMRS Features

  • imrs pemf mat
  • imrs pemf therapy
  • pemf mat
  • imrs pad applicator
  • imrs probe applicator
  • iMORE Monitoring and Regulation System
  • iSLRS Sound-Light Relaxing System
  • Sawtooth and NASA square waves

    Sawtooth Waveform on Full Body Mat, Swuarewave on Pad and Probe Applicators. Polarity switches every two minutes.

  • Biorhythm organ clock

    The iMRS Wellness System with it's biorhytm organ clock helps to energize the body in the morning and relaxe in the evening.

  • New sleek design

    New designed control unit, easy to use and operate, more durable Materials, more portable and easy foldable, better materials.


    iGUIDE Database, interactive Monitoring System and Sound- and Light Relaxing System - discover now the iMRS Wellness System

  • 3 Years unconditional Warranty

    We grant a full 3 years guarantee on the iMRS Wellfit, iMRS Complete and iMRS Professional, as well as for the optional accessories.

  • FDA registered

    The MRS2000 and iMRS Systems are regulated by the FDA. They are also FDA compliant, FDA listed and FDA Registered.

MRS 2000

The brandnew iMRS System is the successor of the worldwide famous MRS 2000 designo Series. The MRS 2000 Series is no longer available. We have developed many new features like higher intensity settings, database protocols, integrated biofeedback system, more durable materials and much more.

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